PE and Sports Premium Development Money

Sports Premium for Academic Year 2017 – 2018

Intended IMPACT for 2017 – 2018:

By making the outside environment more fun, and creating ways in which the children can play together, and alongside each other through accessible bicycles that will help to boost the children’s self-concept and physical abilities such as their gross motor skills.

Amount: £13915

The sports grant money was spent on accessible bicycles for all. There were a variety for all children to access: Scooters, balance bikes, double seated bikes, large and small.

The playground equipment, sandpit area, games, resurfacing and paintwork was also updated, creating a fun environment in which the children can use with enjoyment.

PE and Sports Premium Development Money for Academic Year 2018 – 2019

Manor Green Primary School has been given money to develop sports in school.

Amount: £18100

Objective 1: To develop accessibility and safety in sports areas including updates of equipment in Hydrotherapy.

Objective 2: To develop children’s and young people’s physical and mental health.

Projected impact of project:

  • Supporting the needs of all pupils, allowing them to change and prepare for their lessons with independence and dignity.
  • The use of multisensory and cross curricular supporting a range of educational outcomes.
  • Therapeutic aspects to support our children to use the equipment focussing on their gross motor needs and general health and exercise.
  • Outdoor learning environments that will encourage children to express themselves, explore their imaginations, conduct investigations, work in teams, take safe risks, and make errors, decisions and choices as independent learners.

The evidence of impact is seen through the ongoing PE monitoring of teaching and learning and from achievement and assessment data.